Sunday, November 8, 2009

MacArthur Foundation President Discusses Philanthropy on Second Life

While searching for interesting multimedia that applies to my topic of interest, I came upon this video posted within the Multimedia Library at the MacArthur Foundation web site: The video is about 54 minutes long, and because this blog does not permit such large size parameters, I included a link below to the same video found on Macarthur Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and the co-founder of Second Life discuss the potential of virtual worlds for social good in this video.

I find this interesting and relevant to my blog, because it applies to the potential of technology to ensure intellectual progress and to unite people in their causes. This video was found under the topic of Digital Media and Learning. To harness the power of information, a focus on digital media is imperative. It ensures that print information can be converted to a format that will endure and be more readily accessible to the public. This access to information encourages intellectual freedom, and the ability to utilize digital media for philanthropic endeavors is just one more good reason to respect its capabilities.

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